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Sustainability is at the heart of what I do and I always consider ways to reduce the environmental impact in the building of my designs and the advice I provide to clients on the environmental implications of decisions they make.


In addition I try to mitigate any negative impacts by:

  • recommending sustainable and ethically sourced materials;

  • reducing waste by recycling materials within the build;

  • improving rather than removing existing soil where possible so the amount of spoil that has to be removed from site is kept to a minimum;

  • sourcing healthy trees and plants that are resilient and suitable for site conditions so that they thrive;

  • supporting biodiversity through reducing the area of monoculture lawns and, where possible, creating different habitats within the garden;

  • choosing wildlife-friendly planting and including wilder areas where conditions permit;

  • selective use of garden lighting so as not to contribute to light pollution;

  • encouraging recycling of rainwater and making provision for garden composting;

  • designing gardens to be resilient to our changing climate, able to cope with more frequent droughts and heavy downpours, through careful choice of plants, using permeable surfaces and reducing hard landscaping;