Every garden has its own microclimate that influences how well plants will thrive, and this is determined by the garden's particular situation and surroundings. When I choose plants I only include those that will suit the planting conditions (soil type and aspect) so that they will establish and grow well.

I will carry out an initial consultation and site visit, during which I will discuss your requirements in depth, assess whether the existing planting can be improved/incorporated or whether a complete redesign would be better.  For this I charge a flat fee of £70 + mileage if you're more than 15 miles away from my base in Hanley Castle.

If you would then like me to develop detailed planting plans for you, I will provide you with a quotation based on the number of square metres involved.  For this I will supply the plans along with explanatory visuals, a full plant list and recommendations on appropriate soil improvement.

You may want to source the plants and do the planting yourself, or if you prefer I can source the plants and do the planting for, or with, you, chargeable at my hourly rate.
Planting Design.jpg

A gallery of some of my favourite plant images from my designs: