Full Design Service

A full garden design can be similar to having an extension built, both in terms of the time and investment needed for it to be fully realised.

Costs will depend on the size and complexity of the project, but when considering your budget, realistically you need to be prepared to invest between 4% and 10% of the current property value.  As a rule of thumb, you should allow:
•    £300-£500 per square metre for an urban courtyard
•    £100-£200 per square metre for a medium/suburban garden
•    £25-£50 per square metre for a rural country garden
It may be possible to build the design in a few weeks or it may be preferable to phase the work over a few years.
Either way, a well-designed garden has to be seen as an investment that will add value to your property as well as enriching your enjoyment of it.

The process of reaching a completed design involves a number of sequential problem-solving and creative stages, outlined below with a proportion of the overall fee charged as each step is completed.
Stage 1: Research and Preparation
This includes preliminary consultations, site analysis, and topographical site survey*, photographic survey, information gathering and compiling a detailed Client Brief.
*Where the garden is particularly large or complex, this will have to be undertaken by professional land surveyors and charged directly to the client.
Stage 2: Development of the Outline Design
This includes development of outline concept proposals, which are discussed and refined, leading to a final design with explanatory visuals
Stage 3: Development of the Design Detail
This includes creating the technical construction drawings, plans for setting out, drainage and levels – all the drawings required by the contractor to implement the design.
Stage 4: Development of Planning Detail
This includes planting plans and schedules with quantities and sizes to create the desired atmosphere and mood for each area of the garden, taking into account any preferences for colour and likes/dislikes of particular plants. I will then provide an estimate for supplying the plants and also for planting them if this is required.
Stage 5: Tender Process (Optional)
You may already know someone whom you trust to build your new garden at a good price. However, where the construction budget is large, or the project is not straightforward, a competitive tender process is recommended to ensure the chosen landscape contractor has the skills and workmanship to build the garden and will do so for a competitive price.

After-care visits
I offer garden after-care visits at an agreed frequency and duration to ensure the garden develops as intended and to advise you on any maintenance queries.

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