You may have great ideas about how you want your garden to be, but struggle to decide on the best option. Having someone who will give you an honest, objective appraisal, who understands the aesthetic as well as practical considerations involved and gives you informed advice, can make all the difference to the decisions you make and the finished garden design.

An experienced designer has an in-depth knowledge of design and materials, creative flair and an ability to visualise and communicate how different concepts could work.

I am always conscious of the environmental impact of building my designs, which I try to reduce by:
•    choosing local materials, thus reducing transport miles, and materials that have been sustainably sourced
•    reducing waste by recycling materials in the build and the amount of spoil that has to be removed from site
•    sourcing healthy (where possible, native and UK-grown) trees and plants that suit the site so the plants establish quickly, reducing the amount of watering required
•    choosing wildlife-friendly planting and including wilder areas where conditions permit
•    encouraging recycling of rainwater and making provision for garden composting

You may feel in need of help and inspiration to address problem areas, or need the confidence to make a few simple changes to breathe new life into the garden.

This service provides you with initial design ideas leading to a final concept on plan – useful if your budget is tight or you want to build the garden yourself. 

A full garden design can be similar to having an extension built, both in terms of the time and investment needed for it to be fully realised.

You may be happy with your garden's basic layout, but the planting may need refreshing or changing.  

It can be difficult to find appropriate or affordable ready-made furniture and/or garden structures. I can design these for you using a range of materials as appropriate to the design and budget available.

I  offer garden after-care visits at an agreed frequency and duration to ensure the garden develops as intended.

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