Village Garden

For this village garden, my clients wanted a larger patio area, generous planting and a space for growing vegetables. 

The existing patio was a small deck with a south-facing aspect that got very hot and bright in full sun.  I felt that decking was the wrong material to use close to the house, so I replaced this with stone paving and put a timber pergola over the sitting area to give a cooler shadier area for sitting.  I introduced low rendered walls between patio and garden in order to relate to the house.  

The garden was long and narrow so I oriented the layout at 45° to make it feel wider and create more generous beds.  A second timber sitting area was created half way down the garden along with a shallow pool, before entering a small vegetable garden complete with raised beds, shed and greenhouse.

My clients also asked me to look at planting for the front garden.  This was a relatively small area, with parking needed for 2-3 cars as there was no convenient parking in the street, so the planting layout had to allow for this.  I created an informal gravel garden with a mix of perennial, shrub and ornamental grasses along with a Sorbus aria lutescens specimen tree.

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