Contemporary Suburban Garden

The clients needed a new terrace and planting layout around the house to complement their new modern extension.

This had very large rectangular windows and sliding doors running across the back of the house, so my main priority was to create a visual relationship between the two through the styling and colour palette used. The clients wanted the terrace to be large enough for entertaining and barbecuing and were keen to include a water feature both for interest and to help disguise road noise. In addition they wanted extra screening on the western boundary where the neighbouring property overlooked the garden.

My design gave them a built-in seating area outside the kitchen using white rendered walling and timber benches. A wall-mounted water feature was positioned on the eastern boundary behind the seating so that people could sit and look into the water.

Along-side the western boundary I designed three timber-clad planters for three ornamental trees, for the additional screening needed and to provide structure and interest. A fourth, slightly larger planter was place over a soakaway at the edge of the paving both to disguise this and to link to the built-in seating area by the kitchen. As the rest of the existing garden was in a traditional style, I added borders to the boundary of the paving to help transition from the new to the old and bring the planting closer to the house.

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