Georgian Manor House Garden

This Hampshire Georgian house was in a great setting with open views and a large area of lawn to the rear, but there was no existing garden as such due to foraging deer frustrating all previous attempts at planting. 

The clients were keen not to obstruct their views with deer fencing, but the garden lacked human scale and somewhere to sit comfortably out of the wind.

My garden design solution was to create a ‘garden within a garden’, situated to the left of the house to maintain the view, and with evergreen hedging disguising 6ft deer-fencing on the outer perimeter for protection. Within this protected space, I created a series of ‘rooms’ in a classic style, including a quartered garden, a long herbaceous border, a gravel herb garden around a formal pond and structural tree planting. Plenty of seating positions were provided, so that different areas could be enjoyed at different times of the day.

The concrete paving in the existing patio at the back of the house needed replacing and the building of a new conservatory had created more disruption to this area, including an awkward change of level. The clients wanted a water feature installed, so to soften the level change I designed a rill to run along the edge of the patio and disappear into the paving, the water returning via a pump to complete the circuit. Finally a balustrade was added to create a greater sense of enclosure along the back of the house.

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